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One of Mr. I’s friends is driving me nuts on Facebook. The guy supports the Russian bombing campaign in Syria. When it is pointed out to him that Russian isn’t even bombing Daesh, he argues that Daesh’s greatest source of recruitment is fighters from anti Assad factions (an assertion he didn’t back up ) so the Russians should be attacking them. Because it makes perfect sense to attack people who *might* defect to Daesh, rather than, Daesh.

He also blames the entire Syrian Civil War on the intervention of Western powers, saying that they decided they wanted to overthrow Assad. He completely discounts the fact that the Syrian people rose up, first in protests, and then in armed revolt against a brutal dictator. He hasn’t come out and said it, but he wants Assad to remain in power.

The thing that blows my mind the most, is that this guy is a big supporter of Scottish independence. The Scottish people are getting short changed, so they should have their independence. The Syrian people have been ruled for decades by a brutal dictator, but they should just put up with it.


On the upside, he does support Syrian refugees coming to Canada, so he’s not completely horrible.

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