Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Facebook is the worst

"it really makes me concerned when people on my facebook post pictures of their children in either an unsafe situation or them doing things that are unsafe under the pretense of it being "cute". A blanket covering your 2 month old's face is NOT cute, and when he either suffocates or gets carbon monoxide poisoning from breathing in the stale air under that blanket you will be to blame."

Yeah you stupid assholes. DEAD BABIES ARE NOT CUTE.

This is a post that comes from a woman who posts pictures of women posing with guns with sayings like "The hand that rocks the cradle should also be able to protect it". If it wasn't my midafternoon sleepy time and the fact that this woman is horrendous I would definitely engage in some "friendly" debate about the safety of little ones around the multiple handguns she owns and brags about keeping under her pillow.


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