Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So my friend, who is the Maid of Honor for my other friend's wedding, sent us a FB message about how we need to start planning for the bridal shower. She emailed us before, but no one really responded, so she's now we're communicating via Facebook.

Well anyway, during the conversation, three of us bridesmaids were throwing out ideas and also shared where we live. I mentioned how I lived in X location, and another bridesmaid, someone who I have met before on a few occassions back in college and who most definitely friended me on Facebook a few months ago, said that she lived near there too and that we could carpool (the bride and the wedding are in a neighboring state). I clicked on her FB page, and it looks like we aren't FB friends anymore. AWKWARD. I'm pretty sure we were still FB friends about 1.5 months ago when the bride sent us all an introductury message because I also clicked on her profile then and we were still FB friends. I have a really unique name, so it's not like she could've mistaken me for someone else.


I know, this whole situation is all so—as the buzzword around here is—INANE. I'm not upset or anything because I barely know her. I'm just going to shrug it off, but it does feel a tiny bit awkward, but more so in an amusing way.

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