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I actually am usually a fan. I joined originally to keep in touch with a group of internet-only friends I met on the internet's best parenting forum. Unlike every OTHER parenting forum, Offsprung.com had fucking awesome people. People who admitted having kids sucked a lot of the time. People who were crazy liberal. People who were nerds and geeks. I loved it. So we all kept in touch on Facebook. I've restricted my friends list significantly, so I'm usually spared a lot of the angst many people get there.

But occasionally even someone pretty great is just tone deaf. A mutual single (divorced, with kids) friend started a thread about how lonely it is. Several of us who are also single, divorced, with kids, feeling the lonely, jumped in. Thread was hopping. Then another friend, who was seriously involved with someone within about 3 years of her divorce, chimes in with how yeah, she loves her partner, but sometimes longs for the single days, it isn't always so great.


You know what? I'm 47 fucking years old. I know even good relationships aren't perfect. But you're still with him. Obviously you prefer being in a relationship with this dude to being alone. So really? Your comments just have no place on that thread.

Or am I a bitch? A bitter, single bitch?

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