I know everyone is hating on Facebook on Valentines day, but apparently my friends are awesome, because this is what they are posting:
From a guy in a relationship:

From a girl I actually don't like personally but admire politics/ethics wise!


And from one of WomBear's non rich friends, this:


A quick blurb on what it is:
Every February 14 for the last 23 years, women have been marching to protest the forces of colonization, misogyny, poverty, racism and to celebrate survival, resistance, struggle and solidarity to make women's resistance visible. Led by Indigenous Women, February 14 Women's Memorial Marches signify the strength of decolonization and the power of Indigenous Women's leadership throughout and across the lands. February 14 — Why I March? is a blog series written by women to bring voice to the personal experiences of the activist, the family members, the women who work tirelessly in their communities to address violence.


...And a slightly guilting message asking people to join him on the march.

So even though I am stuck in an office, I am hoping others can get out there and celebrate the Women's Memorial March, and feed grassroots organizations such as this.