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Facebook Sharing

I'm kind of getting into it with a Facebook friend from high school who posted a status that she was annoyed with people who never post complaints or negative things and only post happy positive things.

Recently at my reunion I was told multiple times that my life seemed amazing based on my Facebook. Each time I bent over backwards to tell the person that I only share the positive on Facebook which would of course result in my life looking amazing.

I would never share a story about how our car was stolen or how my husband was out of work for 2 years or about his kidney disease or a death in the family. If anything I find people that share those things attention seeking. What is the point other than to evoke sympathy and receive pats on the back? Those are usually the same people that post every day about how rough their day is because they spilled their expensive coffee.


To be fair I do have Facebook friends that use Facebook as support when going through hardships but those people usually don't post about their hardships in a woe is me manner. Their posts are usually factual information/updates for family and friends and they have equal amounts of good and bad.

Simply put I don't understand why you would be annoyed that Facebook friends aren't posting statuses about bad things in their life for any reason other than jealousy.

Maybe I'm being jealous too for all the sympathy the constant complainers receive.

I think I'm rambling here but I think about this especially after what happened at my reunion.

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