A guy I know from high school does the most obnoxious thing where he cannot write a single Facebook update without mentioning how much he loves his girlfriend (today's was something like, "Got a new haircut, it's girlfriend approved! I'm not planning on ever letting this one get away!"). So I've been watching this pop up on my news feed lately and just rolling my eyes so hard.

But today, I got an extra special eye-rolling surprise when I creeped on his timeline to read these posts out loud to my boyfriend and make fun of him (because I'm a mean person). As I scrolled back, I found out that they've only been dating for four months! I literally cackled when I saw this (again, I'm not a nice person when it comes to Facebook creeping). Dudes, calm down! You don't need to post about how much you love each other every single time you do anything at all! Plus, it'll just be super awkward for everyone when you inevitably break up.