Last night, a coworker of mine posted on Facebook that she started her period, ran out of pads, and her boyfriend went to go get some. She had all these hashtags like #truelove, #bestboyfriendever, etc.

I'm like, you really just posted that? I get that it was a nice thing but TMI? Anyhow, she was probably the tenth (no exaggeration) status with something like that so I decided to be the smart-ass that I am. I posted one that said "Hey Everyone! My boyfriend poured soup from a can into a bowl because I had cramps! BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!" with #soblessed, #truelove, #hownauseatingisthis. And then I just posted one that said "Hey Everybody! I just talked to my boyfriend for five minutes! He got coffee before work and said he thought of me! BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!!" #soblessed, #seriouslyhownauseatingisthis

That is all.