Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Faces followup

You guys! You guys. Thank you.

I'm blown away by how well that went over and how gorgeous this group of people is! Not that I want to put an emphasis on looks, but we all know the group has some pretty amazing brains too! It made me think about the times I'm down on myself about my appearance, because when those of you who were hesitant decided to post, I saw nothing but amazing beauty! Let us all revel in the fact that we are a smart, funny, incredible, and good-looking community! I want to hug you all!


Also, thank you for not pointing out that, at a glance, the header could read 'Friday night feces' (more like Groupstink, amirite?) (Sorry, I have an adolescent sense of humor) (I'm not really sorry).

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