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Faces of my friends and I

when we get invited to a wedding thrown by a total asshole* we know and are told to dress like “America’s Golden Era,” the 1950s.

I know this is innocent enough, but nonetheless my gay and/or POC friends are annoyed. As one of them texted me: “So should I bring my own water fountain to [Idiot’s] wedding?” -black, gay male.


*It seems insensitive at the very least, given that the asshole in question is a huge “SJW” and appropriates the cultures and struggles of oppressed groups (primarily but not limited to LGBTQ). I once witnessed her, a straight white woman, chastise an older gay man for using the word f*ggot in the company of mostly gay men. I realize this is a terrible word, but it’s like, SJW 101 that her straight ass doesn’t get to do that. I also watched her lecture my light skinned black friend on her comparative privilege. Oh, and she bitched out a groom during his wedding reception because she didn’t like him and thought the bride could do better.


So for all the fucking policing we get to deal with, it seems annoying at least for her to be so obtuse. My one friend (the light skinned black woman) just texted “fuck the 50s. Not going back there.”

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