Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The Monarch just came in and put a thing .... wet piece of bread? ... in my hand and said, "Eat it! Tell me what you think! I'm trying to make a stuffing." My reaction was visceral: "No. I don't like it. It's gross, I won't like it, I know I won't like it."

I could feel that it was wet, cold, and soggy — shudder — I didn't need to put it in my mouth to know that (or know that I'd want to spit it out). He acted offended and ate it, then said, as he walked out my office door, "It's bread pudding!"


He knows I adore bread pudding; that was meant to be a dig. Like I'm an idiot to not trust him to put something in my mouth. But bread pudding is HOT. Temperature is important! I DON'T LIKE COLD, SOGGY THINGS. EVER. Foods are fundamentally different at different temperatures. (I won't eat cold pizza either.)

This makes 100% sense. Validate or argue with me, Hivemind.

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