Hello GT. Did you know about the great Capybara? The majestic man-bear-guinea pig that hails from the North Pole? Of course you didn't. They haven't been seen in hundreds of years! Let us talk about this majestic Monster.

Little do people know, but the Capybara's natural color are in fact multi-color.

The Capybara does not let others, be it human or animal, see him in such a state. It's embarrassing for Christ's sake! Seriously. I feel indecent just for showing you that picture. Let's move on quickly.

The Capybara's diet consists entirely of oranges that have been thrown into hot springs. One of the main theories of their mysterious disappearance is that the loss of the Great Hot Springs of Sveldbard killed off the majority of the Capybara population. We all know that is a lie. They also survive on Human Flesh and Lettuce.


The Capybara Nation was once a peaceful and loving nation. Then everything changed when the Turtle Nation attacked. Below is attached a photograph of the great Turtle-Capybara peace treaty talks. It was the only one to survive the great fire. The talks saved the lives of millions.

Capybaras give birth through eggs. It is a long and ardeous process taking decades. As we all know, the Capybara's life span of 10,000 Light Years makes the mating process quite difficult. Capybaras are initially born as a "Star Baby." This process was described in Alexander Dumas' novel "2001 A Space Odyssey." Below is featured a representation of a "Star Baby" on the traditional cracker that Capybaras place their young.


Before the mating process begins, the Capybaras conduct their mating rituals. Capybaras produce their eggs through budding and have no need for mating rituals. No one told them otherwise, because they thought it might hurt their feelings. Below is pictured the traditional mating costume of the Capybara.


I hope this taught you something today! Just remember GT, keep on learning!