1. Edna Garrett
  2. Natalie Green
  3. Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
  4. Joanna Marie "Jo" Polniaczek
  5. Geri "Cousin Geri" Tyler
  6. Molly Parker
  7. George Burnett
  8. Beverly Ann Stickle
  9. Kelly Affinado
  10. Cindy Webster
  11. Nancy Olsen
  12. Sue Ann Weaver
  13. Charlie Polniaczek
  14. Monica Warner
  15. David Warner
  16. Helen Hunt As A Pothead
  17. Headmaster Bradley
  18. Boots St. Claire
  19. Pippa McKenna
  20. Jermaine Jackson
  21. Flyman (he sold out, man. He totally sold out)
  22. Every Decent Boyfriend
  23. Every Asshole Boyfriend
  24. That One Cokehead Boyfriend
  25. Any Other Parent That I Have Forgotten
  26. Raymond Garrett
  27. Alex Garrett
  28. That One Old Boyfriend Of Mrs. Garrett That She Almost Married But Didn't Because He Turned Out To Be Too Cranky
  29. Any Other Extra That I Have Forgotten
  30. Andy Moffett
  31. Any Stray Crewmember Who Might Have Appeared On Camera
  32. I Dunno, Did They Have Any Pets?
  33. Guest Stars From Diff'rent Strokes
  34. Gloria Loring Singing The Theme Song
  35. The Food At Edna's Edibles
  36. Mel Gibson, Who Was Not On The Show But Born In Peekskill
  37. Blair Warner