Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

On Sunday I got really sad because my friend mentioned she was having another gal over to watch the Golden Globes, which I love, and didn't invite me. I know that's a bit pathetic. I just really wanted to watch with girlfriends and comment on the dresses and felt sad being left out.

This is part of a pattern with this particular friend...we live so close by, and I wish we hung out more. I need to invite her over, etc. But the problem is there seems to be a widening gulf between us now that I am living with fiancé and getting married in the spring. She has been single for a while and isn't happy about it. I do not know if this is why we don't hang out as much - and I am not saying it's unjustified. I'm just sad. At this age there are girlfriends who are in couples, and girlfriends who are single and not especially interested in inviting me anywhere. I am very happy in my relationship but I do miss the good old days of wine and awards ceremonies and gossip.


Also...I mean...I did invite this gal to my family's holiday dinner against Crazy Mom's wishes ("Why are you just inviting anyone, McCoy?" "Uh she's my friend"), because she mentioned she was not going home for the holidays (her family lives far away). I really try to be a good friend but I guess it's not working too well.

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