Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Next weekend, I'm making the trip down to Oregon for FaerieWorlds! I'm nervous, because I only know one person who's going to be going and I doubt she's going to want me attached to her hip 24/7. Is anyone from GT going to be there?

My first venture into the world of fae was for FaerieCon in Seattle in February. A friend won tickets and one of my favorite bands was playing, and now I'm hooked. The con was a wonderful event with very welcoming people and very intimate music sets. I figure, if nothing else, I'm going to FW for the show and if I hide out in my room the entire time, I'm still getting what I'm going for.


One of my favorite new finds at the con was a cellist named Adam Hurst. He was playing solo, and set up all of his backing instruments on looped recordings as he started each song. As a musician, it was wonderful to watch. Here's a quick hint of what seeing him at FaerieCon was like.

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