Update: And now I just read that sending your interviewers a thank-you email is considered desperate and ridiculous in the UK! I was so proud of myself for sending them immediately after the interview! I SUUUUUUCK!

Yeah, so I had a Skype interview today for Dream Job in Awesome City. It was a shitshow.


A shitshow.

I tested my Skype video last night with a friend in another state. Worked great! I had been asking the admin at the company where I interviewed if we could test our connection. I should have pushed harder, because they’re in another country (in the UK!). We didn’t test until 30 minutes before my interview was to start and... no dice. I was to do a test lecture to a “class” of personnel committee and others, so they were all waiting. They assured me that the problem was on their end and brought IT in and I texted and emailed and talked on the phone with them until finally, voila! It worked - an hour late - and ALL OF A SUDDEN I went from problem solving mode (even though they said it was on their end I did a lot of checking things on my end too just to make sure, and had to stay in contact with them to help troubleshoot) to OK WE SEE YOU YOU TEACH NAO!

And that part went ok. But then immediately after that I had a formal interview - and I was so busy problem solving the tech stuff that I didn’t review my notes. And I did So Much Research on them you guys. But I totally flubbed it. I felt like a total moron.

Then! I had two appointments immediately after. Got my 6-month skin inspection for suspicious moles at the derm, and a hair appointment, and then? Then I had my “breakfast” at 4:30 p.m. I had a burrito and a beer.


Then I had to do more errands! Pharmacy, grocery store, blah blah blah. It’s my understanding that in the UK they will make the offer the same day as the interviews for this kind of position. So, no call, no email.

I had a fro-yo to cheer myself up after my errands, and then sobbed on the bus on the way home.


Did I mention I also have PMS? And adult acne? And my car is in the shop? And another interviewer owes me $500 for the airfare I spent visiting them in, oh, APRIL? And that my dillweed brother will not communicate with anyone about my dad’s estate / what belongings he wants to keep? And, well, I’ll stop there, but yeah. I need some good news soon.


(edited bc my image didn’t show up the first time!)