Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So fire head boy and I are having a date night tonight (our weekends usually consist of only leaving the couch for food/drinks/bed). The other day I mentioned that I wanted to go out to dinner, and he got all excited and said “I know where I’m taking you,” and then wouldn’t tell me where. Okay fun! I like surprises, and he likes surprising me.

He made a reservation last night; the restaurant just called to confirm it, and I heard the name of the place on the answering machine. Womp womp. (Aside: it’s my favorite French place so actually I’m super excited. BEST MUSSELS HERE I COME.) But! I was in the other room so I pretended I didn’t hear it when he asked. I just couldn’t take the wind out of his sails like that. But now I feel kinda silly for lying. I dunno.


What do you all do when you inadvertently ruin a surprise?

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