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Fair is ON!

The Fair has started. I sold two dresses yesterday and one origami electra. That wasn’t much, but the big shopping days are usually Saturday and Sunday.

I watched the drum circle for a bit. It’s been a tradition since 1999 when a bolt of lightning killed power to half the town just before Fair was supposed to start. With no music, everyone grabbed their drum and it’s been going on ever since. This is one of the biggest drum circles I’ve seen.

Then late last night, as I was walking to a friend’s house, I passed some guys outside a bar. They tried to lure me to hang with them and I didn’t respond. So one of them said “I don’t bite!” and without missing a beat, I said “I do.” It was great because I finally had a perfect comeback at the right moment.


But then I got high and started wondering if that wasn’t a very feminist response. Some guys are into biting. Some guys might take that as a come on. This guy didn’t, probably because I was walking away from him, and it definitely wasn’t meant that way. I am going with it was a great comeback at the perfect time. So that was a win.

Then hung out at a house party for a bit, lit some fireworks, and then had an awkward end to the evening when the friend I was hanging with indicated nicely that he was interested in kissing me, and I told him I had a boyfriend, which he hadn’t known. The thing is, if I was single, I would totally have been into him. We have great conversations, he’s ridiculously smart, and a really interesting guy. But nothing crossed a line or anything like that, so that was good.



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