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Fair warning - there will be cuteness

My dad's dog is pregnant and due Saturday. I will mot likely be inundating GT with puppy pictures for the next 6 weeks or so. You have been warned.

This is Hazel. She's a Lab. She's an awesome hunter. My dad bred her to another black Lab, they both carry a yellow recessive so there might be some yellow puppies, too.


I'm not a fan of breeding dogs, my dog is a rescue pup and all the rest of my dogs will be, too. However, in my dad's defense:

He always gets his dog and the male tested for hips, eyes, etc., which are the bad recessives in Labs. He will never, ever breed a dog that tests positive and he gets really mad when other people do.

Before he even bred her, he already had seven deposits on puppies. Of over $700 each. There will not be leftover puppies, and never has been.

He has only bred his dogs every four years or so, so it isn't much stress on them. He only has one or sometimes two dogs that he owns at a time. They live in the house. They're primary function is pets, and hunting in the fall. They're aren't "breeders."


People buy these dogs for hunting, and usually only after they have experience seeing both the mother and father hunt. They are extremely unlikely to ever be convinced to get a rescue dog.

Would it be ideal if he got rescue dogs and convinced his friends to do the same? Of course. But he's my dad. I'm not going to start a fight. I believe that if he's going to breed, he's certainly doing it in a way that does the least amount of harm possible.


And either way they're going to DAMN cute!! Oh, and he's keeping a pup this time so we will have cuteness around for a long time to come!

Teaser: here's some pics from Hazel's first litter, circa 2011.


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