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Fairies are little winged dollar signs

I spent this lovely Sunday (really—it turned out to be a really nice day!) at a medieval herb festival. Only due to yesterday’s monsoon-like weather, almost all the vendors crapped out and it was just a plain ol’ herb festival. Which was still totally fun! The people that own the herb farm were super into fairy gardens, and had a TON of them. And since I am a weirdo that loves odd and twee things, I decided to make my own little fairy garden in my front yard. I bought a bunch of tiny shade-loving plants, and a little fairy house that looks like it belongs in the shire.

And then I started thinking...I only bought the house so I could inspect it and get a feel for the construction—so I could make more of my own. And if I’m going to make my own fairy garden accoutrements, why not make them for other people? We’ve had a ton of orders on Etsy lately, but how much trouble could adding a few fairy items be? So I checked out what kind of fairy stuff people are selling on Etsy, and HOLY CRAP, THIS STUFF IS A GOLD MINE. Like, there is a listing for a “fairy house kit” that consists of little more than, I shit you not, a box of twigs and acorns that is being sold for $45. And they have sold HUNDREDS of them! You guys, I might quit my job and become a full-time fairy dream creator.


Here’s the before in my garden...tomorrow I’ll be weeding and building hills. And contemplating how I’m going to spend my fairy millions, obviously.

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