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Fake Nerd Guys Tumblr (Genderswappin' Across the Universe)

Urgh with these fake geek guys. You just know they watched the movie, saw the hot costumes and decided to parade their rock hard abs and muscled shoulders around that convention so all the real geeks would get hot and bothered. I mean, look at them! They probably have no idea why the comic was so important, and they’re probably too busy spending hours perfecting their physique to have even done a wikipedia search on Frank Miller’s contribution to graphic novels! Besides, no real geek is that toned and flawless and unashamed of their bodies.

DragonCon is saved…RUINED! I meant ruined! It’s not fair! I was distracted by biceps…


We ladies who have been nerds and geeks our whole lives know the truth: while male nerds and geeks are picked on by jocks and passed over by the Prom Queen, the female nerds are being attacked by parents, teachers, jocks, the Prom Queen, and male nerds and geeks. Once we leave high school, these things should clear up, but sadly, a lot of men never grow up enough to realize that women are individuals, people with wants and needs that have to do with ourselves and very little to do with rejecting them to boost self-esteem.

He’s just doing it for attention.

When you behave like a misogynist jerk towards women and then can't get a date, it's easy to blame the women rather than evaluate why they might have turned you down— ineffective and irrational, but easy. When women consistently turn you down, it's probably because you behave badly towards them or are trying to get women who have no reason to like you. If you're not attractive, you behave badly, and you have little in common with them, women will turn you down.

But the fact that women turn you down isn't a sign that women who do have things in common with you are faking that to get your attention. The things that you complain about when you talk about Fake Geek Girls? Not only do they apply to men and you omit that, it's based largely on a desire to reject women before they can reject you.


If it requires gender swapping to make the sexism clear, so be it.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man who identifies as a nerd/geek/gamer must be in want of female attention. This blog exposes fake nerd guys for the casual shams they are.

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