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Fall 2017 so looking forward to this movie

I am so there at my movie theater openning day. Why? One of the great sports rivalrys evah. I remember watching the 1981 Wimbledon final. Whose rivalry was it you ask. Two men as different in personality as night to day. One a calm cool, personification of professional behavior in sports. The other seen as a brat, whiner, Illtempered, professional.behavior a disgrace.

Yet were two of the finest athletes their sport has seen. Legends. A rare word to define anyone in sports but they earned it.

The movie is Borg/McEnroe.


An article on the rivalry. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg–McEn…

They next need to do a movie on a better rivalry Navratilova/Evert. God I loved watching them play. Power Vs Control. I played tennis a lot even belonged to a tennis club back in the 80s. Evert was my role model. Why? Her hands. Total control of the racket. Have control of the racket you control where the ball goes more easily. Her two handed backhand was what I used for mine. I do think if it was not for Navratilova, Evert would have an almost unconquerable amount of Open wins.

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