I like to do canning and preserving and for the past few years I have entered some of produce in my Town’s fall fair. This year, because I impulse bought a 1/2 bushel of Roma tomatoes, all my entries were tomato based.

I entered a jar of charred tomato salsa, the recipe for which I came up with by combining a recipe from Canning for a New Generation (I don’t remember who it was on the Groupthink that recommended this book to me, but thank you!) with one from Food in Jars. Basically, I roasted the tomatoes and peppers as per the instructions in CfaNG, and then followed the recipe from Food in Jars.

My other entry was chilli sauce, made from a recipe I got from Canadian Living magazine’s website.


I got first prize for my salsa, and second prize for my chilli sauce.

One of these days I need to get organized and be like the woman who was in line to pick up in front of me, who had entered 14 jars in various categories.

I saw other people picking up their entries in the baking competition in laundry baskets. I am in awe of them, as baking entries can't really be made that far in advance.