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Fall Fashion Thread

Spring is full of hope, summer feels carefree, winter brings you a cup of tea. Fall? Fall is that friend you had your sophomore year of college who suddenly makes you feel cooler and more sophisticated than you ever thought you could be while also somehow still feeling exactly like yourself.

For better or worse, clothing plays an incredibly important role in my day to day mental state. The right outfit makes me feel badass, pretty, more productive (this is weird, right?), more creative... the wrong one can leave me crawling out of my own skin.

Autumn always brings me this huge sigh of relief. Summer clothing can be pretty, I guess - although I tend to find weekday wear a little preppy for my taste - but it leaves me feeling so *exposed*. There are days that I love that! There are also days where I don’t love my body. I don’t hate it, not really, but I want to just not think about it for a day or two. Summer clothing rarely lets me do that and still feel put together - especially when I feel conspicuously covered up compared to everyone else.


This is why fall fashion rocks! I can play with texture! With proportion! I can have multiple items of clothing on! I can feel feminine-with-a-touch-of-edge (my preferred style descriptor) and happy with my fashion choices and my body even if I’m having a period day OR I can rock more fitted silhouettes and pair them with other work appropriate items if I’m feelin’ that way!

SO. Today I’m wearing a pale pink a-line skirt with a scalloped hem, a black crew neck blouse with rolled up long sleeves, an oversized black bomber jacket with vaguely asian nature embroidery, a chunky gold bib necklace, and black ankle boots with block heels. And I feel fantastic even though I’m on my period! I love this time of year!

What are you excited to wear now that the weather is changing? :)

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