Been pretty quiet, mostly just random commenting! It was a chaotic couple of weekends. But! I got to perform in San Fransisco last weekend which was super exciting for the Post-Apocalyptic show and go to the MoMA - which I had never visited. In family news - my Dad got to come home! He’s still pretty tired so we are trying to see if changing pain killers will help. He has been told to eat eat eat and we are trying to make that happen. Mixed results. I go on Medical Leave to help out September 6th and we have gotten ground rules set for brother/sister interactions.

I am on this poster and I feel so cool to be sharing it with Dee Luxxx and Pickles Lavey whom I love

So the piece I performed last weekend is also going to be performed two more times this year - for the Darkness show with the local troupe and for our Talk Nerdy To Me show in Arizona for a science fiction convention. It fits very nicely into both all three ideas: apocalypse, darkness, science fiction!

Photo credit to Dodgy Rock N Roll Photography

The story I crafted was a girl going through the end of the world as done in the video game franchise Fall Out - its a game that I have enjoyed playing and has a range of characters and looks I was interested in creating. I settled on a NPC - the Nuka Cola Girl pin ups for the outer layer and a vault uniform bikini.


Act 1: Using an electro swing remix of Jingle Jangle (from the game) I come onto the scene as cute and bouncy, trying to sell cola to the audience and flirtatiously taking off my gloves, helmet, and boots. The whole idea of the first act is carefree and silly.

Act 2: Using a test alarm system, it is advertised that a nuclear weapon is on its way from our enemies. Get to a shelter immediately. This part is mostly acting and miming what is going on in the alarm. Really scared faces, freaking ou. Ending in a duck and cover pose.


Act 3: Using Halsey’s song Castle (because there is a base called Castle! And the after party for one of our shows is at a house titled Castle so...layers!) my character grows up, gets tough. Casting aside the white Nuka Cola uniform in anger and disgust, it reveals a vault uniform (bikini) with the ID number 69 (because... burlesque... also vault 69 was a breeding experiment vault in the games). I get a gun (custom build supersoaker by a friend) and take over the stage. The end of the song ends with a gun shot with me pointing the weapon skyward.

Joker War Boy Lee Presson hosting


This is probably my most story heavy number I have produced - a lot of the time my pieces are about an emotion or a vignette and doesn’t give the audience everything. Sometimes just the beginning or just the end, but rarely the complete picture. I love giving people the opportunity to interpret things or tell their own story. This one definitely has plot holes or things that are missing but I feel like this piece actually has three literal acts and three very different facets of the character on stage.


I like the fact that I created something that was versatile for a lot of different stages and that I had a lot of my fellow performers giving advice and helping with props and whatnot. Fans of Fallout I think will enjoy the number for the references being made and those who aren’t can still follow along as to what’s happening on stage!

As always, thanks for reading my outlines, its fun to share (while I still can?) with another group of interesting people.