On Saturday, we went to ABiL's birthday. He lives an hour away from us. My parents live in the same city, as does my brother, who is an adult with an acquired brain injury. My parents go south every winter, and they ask me to check in on him now and then. (My brother has his own apartment, and he does have support workers who check in on him as well.)

So we made plans to hang out with my brother after the birthday party was over. The birthday party was held in a restaurant, and as we were leaving ABiL asked Mr. Ivriniel if he wanted to go with him to the a local gaming store where they were meeting up with a couple who couldn't make the party. We declined, explaining we already had plans.

We picked up my brother and took him to a local board game Cafe. I checked in on a facebook while we were there.

Today ABiL called Mr. Ivriniel to complain that we went out with my brother to the board game Cafe rather than coming with him to the gaming store. Give me a break!

Wandering around a gaming store isn't exactly a group social activity. The only thing I can figure is that he planned in trying to get us to buy him something for his birthday there. The Facebook invite for the party specified "no gifts" but we kind of suspect that that applied to non family members, and he expects something from us.


Mr. Ivriniel explained that we were trying to maximize who we saw on this trip, and that we need to check in on my brother now and then. There was no response to that explanation.