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Fallout from the city council meeting this week.

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As some of you probably remember, earlier this week my town's city council voted down a clause that would have protected local GLBT citizens from discrimination in housing and employment. There's been some interesting consequences already...


First, the vice chair of the local historic preservation commission publicly announced his resignation from the group in protest of the vote. The vice chair, who is one of my former professors,* is gay, and he's been the talk of the town since his announcement became the top story in the local newspaper.

Secondly, another professor, who made sure as many GLBT folks and allies as possible knew about the proposed clause and the meeting, has, IMHO kind of gone off the deep end. She has pledged to go to every single subsequent city council meeting until they bring the clause up for vote (apparently they can put it back on the agenda at any time). I'm not Facebook friends with her, but my girlfriend is, and I think this professor has been spamming everyone to join her at the city council meetings. That's admirable of her, but personally, I think it would be more constructive to get more queers/allies to run for city council — the clause lost by ONE vote — than to harass the current council members, all of whom are male, white, over 45 and presumably straight.


It will be interesting to see what else happens because of the vote. I just found out there are two separate campaigns — one sponsored by the legislature and one is a citizens' initiative — that would lead to the state prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and if one of those is ever passed, it would be extremely satisfying to know I got my rights anyway. Fuck you, city council.

*Have I mentioned that I live in the town where I went to college? So, this vote not only affects town natives, but also students, some of whom might do like I did and use the freedom of college to finally come out of the closet.

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