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So yesterday I wrote about how I had gotten a message from the Fertility clinic indicating that I may have already ovulated, and how this was a bad thing in terms of timing.

Well, I called the clinic first thing this morning, and managed to get in for a 8:50 appointment, with Mr. I in tow. He was not particularly pleased, as he had ongoing sleep issues, but whatcha gonna do?

I did take my basal temperature this morning, and didn't see a temperature shift like I would if I had ovulated, which was a good sign.

Anyways, my ultrasound revealed that I hadn't ovulated yet (and for that matter, I have a few more follicles moving in the right direction. They're probably long shots at this point, but I have at least 2 that should be good to go.), but they weren't sure how close I was to actually ovulated, and needed to see the results of my bloodwork before proceeding with the IUI.

So we went to a nearby Tim Hortons for some bagel BELTs, while waiting for a phone call. The Timmies was busy and there really wasn't anywhere to sit, but I used to live in the neighbourhood near the clinic, and there's this lovely little Japanese garden nearby where Mr. I and I shared our first kiss, so we decided to go there to eat.

Just as we got inside the front gate, though, we got a phone call from the clinic, who told us that we are now going to wait until tomorrow for the IUI. Apparently my hormone levels had started to surge yesterday, but then kind of plateaued today, rather than continuing the surge.

So all that panic yesterday over nothing. *sigh*

Oh, and here's the fun bit. We were supposed to have a contractor come and start work on our bathroom repairs this morning, but because the clinic had us rushing in this morning, we called him and asked him to come this afternoon. Now we have another morning appointment tomorrow. We either have to find someone who can come and housesit while they work tomorrow and Friday morning, or ask him to come in in the afternoon. This is less than ideal, because the work will put our only shower/bath out of commission, and the contractor goes on holiday next week, so if it's not done by the end of this week, it's a problem.

Our first thought was Mr. I's Mom, but she's on a camping trip until this afternoon. I suppose we could also ask my parents.

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