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Familial telepathy

Do you find you think JUST LIKE members of your family?

My mom and I joke about it all the time because one of us will say “Hey let’s go to the bagel place then the mall” and the other will say “...I was about to say let’s go to the mall then get bagels”.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned Pirate Radio to her and what do you know, it’s on tv the next day. She says “It reminds me of a movie...with um...what’s his name...Caddyshack.” “Bill Murray” but neither of us can think what movie. Two weeks later we’re in the car and I shout “Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!” “Yes!” she shouts. Two weeks later, I thought of it and she knew instantly exactly what I was talking about.


Then tonight, my mom finds a book at the store on learning to code. She’s a computer teacher (used to be a computer engineer) who’s always looking for ways to get young people (especially girls) into computer science so she gets the book. The cashier, a young know-it-all type guy about my age, asks her “Learning to code?” We laugh, because trust me, she knows all about coding. She says “No.” “Are you sure?” (WTF?) “Yes.” He chats with her a little as my dad leaves to go pull the car up. As my mom and I leave the store, I say to her, “I was tempted to say to him ‘She’s been professionally coding since before you were born, sonny boy’.” She laughs. We get in the car and my mom tells my dad that I was going to defend her. My dad says “Yeah, I wanted to say ‘She was coding since before you were born, sonny boy.’” Mom and I shriek with laughter, because really? I mean, even the sonny boy was identical.

I swear, we think on the same wavelengths some times.

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