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Families lost in Space

When I first heard about Netflix’ “Lost in Space” I was a bit “Yeah, we’ll see how that one goes”. I loved the first couple of episodes, because Space, a deliciously evil female Dr. Smith, a kick ass Mrs Robinson, and so on.
Then it ran into the same problem as Terra Nova, family above all, white family above all. The hoops the show is going through in order to make the Robinsons The Heroic Family is ridiculous and frustrating, I stopped at one point after The Heroic Robinsons saved the day after the leader of the group (btw not a white person) turned out to be not up to the task .
I rage quit (should have known better *sigh*) way too late after someone not Robinson gets all teary-eyed about Mr Robinson’s sappy description of why he sucked as a father and husband and wishes he had been part of this family. Bye show *barf*
Why? Whyyy? No more family in space for me...or family anything. Only non-blood related space families, those are awesome and that’s exactly the reason why Judy Robinson is the only one who made any sense.

It’s actually a shame, the show looks beautiful, it could be super interesting and exciting, yet we’re supposed to care about a bunch of people who should know better, who are the reason for a lot of shit that happened and yet get all the praise and screen time. Go away

If you want family in Space, go watch “Farscape”, “Dark Matter” or “Space: Above and Beyond” (this show easily beats “Firefly” in the Unfairly Canceled After 1 Season category, like miles and miles and miles).


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