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Families should not have the right to overrule organ donor consent

In the UK the NHS Blood and Transplant want to stop families being able to stop organ donations from loved ones if they hold a donor card or are on the donor register.


They are also suggesting that people signed up as organ donors should be moved up the transplant lists as an incentive as Almost everyone would accept a transplant organ if they needed one - but only 57% of families agree to donation when asked.


My family knows I am an organ donor (obviously I hope to die so old they can't use any of them) and I know all my family are donors, even if they weren't I'd give consent because, hell they're dead, what right should they have to say no?

But I think we in the UK and the US should move to an opt out system. So you can opt out due to religious beliefs or whatever but if there is nothing saying no then doctors can use those organs to save lives.


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