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Welcome To The Bitchery
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OK y’all I need someone else to look at this because I’m stressed out from work and just generally exhausted now and I think I might not be seeing straight. Anyway, this has to deal with family and gifts.

To start, I had a good year at work where I got a bonus and decided I’d use it to get my niece and nephew something nice. My mom said she had gotten my nephew a switch console so i figured I’d get games for him + accessories and then get her a switch lite. Well miscommunication and my sister got him a switch for Xmas day. I let her know as soon as I found out and said I’ll give her the stuff to give out on Xmas so she doesn’t get the system first or whatever) and she told me no to the gift entirely to both of them saying it’s too much money. I’m just upset. I feel like literally sitting out Christmas because I thought I did something nice but I guess not. However, I don’t have a family or kids of my own so maybe this is ok? Has anyone ever been told not to give a gift after it’s been bought? Am I in the wrong for spending too much? 


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