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Family and explaining mental illness

How does this work, when they don’t believe in mental illness?

(tw medicine, mental illness at its high points)

I regularly post things about patients and mistreatment because I think we should talk about it because I am a patient who was mistreated. ( I also talk a lot about the high suicide rates in medicine.) I was also humiliated by medical staff, but I didn’t get it recorded. I’ve had my medical records changed too. So reading a story where someone recorded it and something was actually done about it was weirdly uplifting.


I’m annoyed with my Dad who made fun of me for posting this article. For explaining to me it is useless to sue or do anything. That this will always happen. There’s no point. He always says these things to me, like I’ve never experienced medical malpractice. Like he knows better. Like my experience is meaningless. Like it was my fault for thinking I could get proper care. Basically all the victim blamey stuff that people say. What did they expect? Doctors will always harm patients.

I walked away.

This is shit I think when I’m deep in the PTSD hole. I didn’t need someone to tell me to my face that it’s hopeless. I struggle with it and have explained I will kill myself before I go on to an operating table again. Why are you saying this too me? Why are you trying to kill my belief that there are good medical people out there? What does this do? What is the point of telling me this other than bullying me?


It triggered me, and I don’t want the follow up conversation because it will be about my mental weakness. Or how he isn’t allowed to talk about anything.

If my mom didn’t live with him, I’d see little point in ever visiting.

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