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Family Christmas Fun

Usually with Mr. Ivriniel’s family, either his Mom or his sister will host Christmas. Everyone but us lives in the same city, and we’re an hour away, so it doesn’t really make sense for us to host. The Annoying Inlaws didn’t host at their old place because according to them, it was too small (nevermind that they hosted similarly sized groups of people from her family.). This year, when they moved into their new place, my other SiL pounced, and suggested to her brother that they should host this years. He agreed.

Usually in the weeks leading up to Christmas, there is discussion about when the day will be. Not this year. Last night the Annoying Inlaws sent out an email, telling us we were invited for December 23, and telling us that we needed to contribute either starch and veggies, appetizers, or salad. I just realized that Dec 23 is the Friday.

A Friday night dinner is very inconvenient for us. I work about 45 minutes from home in the opposite direction from where they live. I will need to head home after work, pick up Mr. I and then drive through rush hour traffic in their direction, the Friday night before Christmas Eve. They live an hour away from us under ideal traffic conditions. These will not be ideal conditions, even if the weather cooperates, because everyone and their dog will be trying to get out of the city for the holidays.


Also, given that I am working that day, it really limits what I can bring for dinner. I like to cook, and usually try to whip up something nice. If I do make something, it will need to be something that can sit for a day, and won’t need reheating once we get there.

So do I say the date is problematic, or suck it up? Before it sunk it that it was Friday night, I said I would do appetizers. I guess that will have to be cheese and crackers, or something like that. Thing is, we’ll probably be the last people to get there, so everyone will be sitting around waiting for the appetizers.

ETA. Apparently my other SiL also works the 23rd. They even asked her for her schedule before they picked this date. So it’s inconvenient for more than just us.

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