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Family Drama

So my fiance and I are getting married next month (I know, please don’t come at me).

We are doing EVERYTHING we can to make it safe—<25 guests, outdoor, standing ceremony so people can space out, masks required at all times, outdoor reception with each family getting their own table, hand sanitizer for every table, no dancing, no crazy partying, etc.—this is not a party (we’ll hopefully have that next year...maybe at this point).


We are also asking everyone to get tested for COVID or not come, for everyone’s safety.

And that’s where the drama comes in.

My fiance’s niece emailed me that she couldn’t come because her mom, his sister, said the family wouldn’t get tested. When he texted her, turns out that everyone on his side of the family has been talking and doesn’t want to get tested...and therefore not come.


If they had said they were uncomfortable due to the pandemic, I would have been disappointed but understanding. But they are conservative conspiracy theorists and just don’t want to get tested for whatever crazy theory works best from them—the tests don’t work, reinfection is a lie, asymptomatic transmission is a lie, they had it earlier in the year and were fine, etc.

So now I’m pissed, because it’s likely my fiance won’t have any family at an already small, family-only affair, and he’s just...resigned to their crazy. And that makes me incredibly sad.


If there weren’t a whole host of different family drama on my side of the family, we definitely would have eloped (and we’re still ready to cancel if need be). I was just hoping for a little piece of sanity this year.

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