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Family Drama - Merry Xmas to me

I am so upset at my husband's family right now. Literally as I hit publish on my post about him finally figuring out he needs to support me he gets a phone call from his parent's house. My husband's piece of shit brother has been staying with my husband's parents the last few months. The first week he stayed with them he got up in my MIL's face, put his hands on her and stopped her from using her phone. Of course they let him back after he apologized a few weeks later. Meanwhile he has been skipping court dates for driving without a license because "that's what he pays a lawyer to do." So today his ex wife brings over their two daughters because she's going over to her new boyfriend's and will meet him over at our place tomorrow for Xmas. And of course his brother expects his parents to feed his kids. His parents are on disability, don't work, and my FIL is in remission from cancer. They are on food stamps. So my MIL was complaining about it to my husband and he was trying to help by saying his brother should be paying them for the food. He texted his brother's ex and bitched about it.

Somehow his brother found out we were "talking about him" which really sets him off. He gets up in my MIL's face screaming. My MIL walks down the street to her daughter's house to use the phone because the brother won't allow them to make any calls out. Mr. Haa gets a hold of his brother's ex to come get the girls so the cops can be called. By the time the ex gets there with her bf, he is calm again, let's the girls go (even though he had threatened to not let them leave), and my husband wants to still let him come to our house tomorrow. I flipped the fuck out and started telling him everything I've ever thought of his family. I don't want this asshole in my house around my daughter. He's volatile and I honestly don't know how far he will escalate.

At first we thought the ex had told his brother Mr. Haa contacted her and I was fucking pissed at her. But then when Mr. Haa talked to her she claimed she never said anything to him. Come to find out Mr. Haa's mom brought it up. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS WOMAN? I am seriously so fucking pissed at her I want to ban her from Xmas tomorrow too. This woman thrives on people feeling sorry for her so I seriously fucking think she starts drama for attention on purpose. My husband literally just got done telling her today I'm having a hard time with the baby and I've got 20 people coming over. So she starts shit, on purpose. I think his whole family is fucking toxic and poisonous. I can't keep dealing with them and having my husband pick them over us. He enables his parents to continue to enable his brother. He claims he tries to keep us out of it but his parents always ask advice or bring it up for sympathy. I'm so upset and I don't think I can face my MIL tomorrow without telling her exactly what I think of her. His family is ruining our relationship and I don't think Mr. Haa is taking the amount of stress they put on us seriously.


After I got done yelling at him about what a fucking burden his family is being to me right now when I'm trying to get better he tells me he will not allow BIL over tomorrow and that he is also upset at his mom. I am about 85% certain BIL will still come over tomorrow because "it's Xmas and we can't punish his girls." Mr. Haa wants to protect me but he is proving to me that he is not willing to stand up to his family unless I demand it.

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