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Family Drama Urgghhh

I just talked to my mom, and I can't really bitch on FB. For background. my cousin ran away to Florida to live with a guy she met on the internet on her 17th birthday. I was really pissed off at her for a long time, but at age 20 they got married. They had a son in Florida and then moved back to Texas. They had a second baby and because they were living in a small town where her mom and our grandmother were, her husband was traveling for work. He suspected something was up last year and drove home without announcing it. She was with another guy in their home. She kept posting messages on FB like, "I am so heart broken." I couldn't believe her behavior because I really thought she had grown up. They tried to patch it up and he stayed in town trying to find a job, but it just fell apart. She recorded her husband in a fit of rage yelling at her, so the family court banned him from seeing the kids and ordered anger management classes. He's doing everything he's being told to do. I have had a lot more sympathy for him. He yelled and raged, but he never hit her or the kids.

so here's what my mom just told me.

She started living with a guy. CPS started an investigation. I'm not sure what put them on the CPSs radar, but they pulled the kids out of her home because of the guy living there. Mom thinks someone reported the kids being bruised. They are about 4 and 2. CPS told her, she can have them back as soon as he leaves. She won't kick him out. She says he didn't hurt them, they just happened to get hurt when they were with him. Mom and Grandma both think there is more to the guys past than what they are being told by the aunt or my cousin for CPS to sweep in so fast when they realized who she was living with. Her mom, my aunt, has had the kids for four weeks, but if she couldn't take them, CPS was going to send them to her husband's mom in Florida. I have never heard of the state moving that fast to send kids out of state.


My aunt had to go to CPS and ask not to have my cousin visit the kids in the home. Cousin can only see the kids at the CPS office because she was coming over and having screaming fits and had really scared her and the kids.

My aunt's son is autistic. He's 18 but doesn't do much. He had a job for a few months getting grocery carts at a grocery store, but he had a freakout and now doesn't have a job. He has been at my grandmothers house about one week less than my aunt has had the kids. He mostly just stays on the computer, but he doesn't talk to my grandmother. If he did, he only talks about video games and she would have no idea what he was talking about. She tries to make sure he eats once a day.

We are having Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. She doesn't want to travel with the little kids. My mom said it would be less stressful for her to take them somewhere because she would have to clean the house. Mom's not looking forward to this because she knows her sister probably won't clean before everyone comes over. We are going to take stuff so that Kenny and I will have things to eat.

My cousin is probably bipolar. Most of us are to some degree. I am curious about the guy she's with. If I knew his name I'd be scouring those sites where they list where offenders live publicly. I can't believe she is choosing a guy she just moved in with over her kids. She just won the white trash cousin award. I have a couple that make it quite a contest.


I unfriended her on FB because I was really tempted to start posting stuff on her wall. I'm usually above that sort of thing, but I really want to go kick her ass. She acted like she really liked her kids and liked being a mom, but my mom thinks that she mostly ignored them if other people weren't around.

Her estranged husband has talked to my aunt. He told her that he wanted custody and that he wanted her to still be there grandmother. He had to move for a job, but has promised her time in the summer and holidays with them. He is a really good guy and my cousin is turning into such a sorry person.

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