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Family geared craft ideas?

Good morning, hive mind. I’m on a decorations committee for a local family shelter’s gala this year, and we were thinking for centerpieces for tables we’d have the families in the shelter make something (they have a lot of guided craft time so there’s already structure in place for it). I....have some blind spots with kids haha. They are all ages so it has to be easy but not childish.

The gala’s theme is based on the Wizard of Oz (There’s No Place Like Home, get it??). The person in charge really wants them to look nice because it’s a pretty swanky event. Obviously budget is just...almost nothing haha.

Some ideas we have that I’m not married to:

-make some clay/paint-able poppies they can decorate and we arrange like bouquets


-have them decorate a house model (foam core or something). Not into this one as much bc last year they did bird houses

-color an illustration of our city as the Emerald City (hadn’t really decided how that becomes a centerpiece)

-???????? I have no more ideas!!!

(don’t get too hung up on the symbolism from the movie....that ship has already sailed hahaha)



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