Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Family Holiday Follow-Up

So, I posted a couple days ago about some distressing news from my mother. It turned out okay. My “estranged” brother showed up a little late due to work, and left pretty shortly after dinner. We didn’t sit down and hash out all our issues that have built up over the past seven years, but we were civil to eachother, and that was enough to make my mom happy. She just wanted her kids to be in one room without fighting, which she got.

As for my sister... we had a blast! She is newly married, and I brought my partner and his mom. We had so much fun. After eating a ridiculously big dinner, we broke open the bourbon bottles and the dominoes! The next day I was a bit embarrassed by the number of empty bourbon and wine bottles... but we had a great time!


Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend too!!

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