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Family in jokes

What are the funny/cute things your family says?

My family has a few:

I know I've written about how, when I was little, I called chicken "Mildred." For years, the conversation was like this:

"What do you want for dinner?" "Mildred and dumplings."

"What's your favorite food?" "Fried Mildred."

My youngest brother called Bugs Bunny "Bugs Rabbit" for years. No idea why, but he's been "Bugs Rabbit" in our household since my brother was 2.


My mom loves to tell a story about my middle brother potty training. I'm only a year older than he is, so we were raised almost as twins. When we were really little, mom bathed us together.

One day, my brother was trying to pee in the big-boy toilet but he couldn't reach it. I was waiting for him to get into the tub and got sick of waiting. So, I grabbed his penis and started pulling it up, to help him. As I did this, in my toddler "accent," I said, "I hep, I hep" to which my brother responded, "No hep! No hep!" So, "I hep" and "No hep" are still a running joke.

I also once climbed over this brother and my mom to lean out the car window and order "Two fwench fwies, pwease" at a bank drive through.

What about your family? What are the cute inside jokes/stories your family tells all the time?

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