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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Family Legends

Often my favorite stories that I hear from people are the bonkers things that have happened in their families, or maybe kinda happened but have gotten blown up over the years to ten times the size. Now that we're past the season when you have to deal with these people directly but have them fresh in your memory, I was wondering if you guys have some really awesome/hilarious/crazy anecdotes about your families from your children to as far back as you can trace them.


For example, this is kind of a minor one but my grandmother was named William, after her father. When her mother was seven months pregnant, the father (William Sr.) got struck by lightning and died. Her mother was so upset that she went into labor and had my grandmother (William Jr.) two months early. No one thought the baby would live so they named her after her late father, except she did live and hated that name every single day until she died.

Can't wait to hear yours!

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