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Family Movie Night

My 6 and 7 year old kids watched "A Midsummer Night's Dream" last night. I hit pause a few times to explain things. When Puck showed up with the magic flower, my son pumped his fist and rubbed his hands together like, "This is gonna be good!" We laughed and laughed at Bottom. My daughter has also watched both the BBC and the Keira Knightley versions of Pride and Prejudice. Her main take-away is that someone should put mean old Lady Catherine de Burgh in jail. Or chop her head off. She vacillates.

I try not to let them watch too much TV, but I love that they can watch and get into classic books on film. It also makes me feel better about their learning difficulties. Surely if they can appreciate Jane Austen and Shakespeare there are some good things in their academic future?


Anybody want to share movies they liked as kids that weren't for kids, or suggest what our family should watch next?

Okay, I just turned on the TV so I could take a picture of the screen for this post (seemed easier with my mobile phone than googling) and my boy just asked to watch the donkey ears part again!

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