I have just, for the first time ever, "talked back" to a family member on Facebook. I wish I could say I'm both horrified at the potential repercussions and relieved at having spread a little truth... but sadly, I'm mostly just horrified at what's sure to come.

Family is so complex, and I have long refused to even "get into it" with regards to politics, especially on Facebook. I have had negative experiences IRL with family not being able to, for lack of a better phrase, take their own medicine. They get all wrapped up in debate while preaching to the choir, but other voices create a lot of discord. It's one thing to say, Which conservative speaks better?, and another to say No, conservative political agenda = FAIL.

Anyway, pics or it didn't happen, right?


ETA: I happen to be an adult. I know it's ridiculous that I feel I have to qualify this, but there you go. I don't mind debate (like it, actually), but I hate anger, especially within my family. So I have spent decades avoiding the angry. That's why this is now, on Facebook.