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YOU GUISE! I'm so excited :D

My dad is back in the country until the end of the week (he got married in May and came back to do an exam) and so we decided to take a family photo before he left again. The last time we took one was 6 years ago before I left for college. Usually we do a really boring photo with matching tops. Standard boring, family photo fare. I hate it. It's corny! So I somehow convinced my mom to let us recreate the black-ish promo photo instead!


It is of course, equally corny, if not more so, but I am IRRATIONALLY EXCITED about it. We've already worked out everyone's colour schemes (not quite identical to the photo) and we're all going shopping tomorrow. There's only five of us though, but it's gonna be AMAZING. I've been running around the house like a mad fool getting worked up and excited. Seriously, can't stop smiling.

It seems like such a silly thing but our family's been really disconnected recently. I hadn't spoken to my dad for 3 months before he came back (I was upset he had moved away from us in the first place) and we only started again because my uncle (his brother) died suddenly. Plus, my parents used to be fairly civil post divorce, but then he married a family friend my mom introduced him to when they were younger. She's my brother's godmum. Awkward. Basically, things have been super tense lately, and now everyone's excited about this ridiculously tacky shoot we're gonna do and I feel good about it. We're so rarely in the same place at the same time anymore so I'm really looking forward to having a fun family photo of us. Even if it's tacky a hell :D

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