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Family rant: Carpooling

Okay, I have to see if this is something that happens in other families, because it happens in mine and it drives me insane.

Whenever we have to go somewhere, my mother wants to carpool. Sometimes, she wants to drive, other times, she'll let someone else drive, but she always wants everyone to consolidate cars. She'll even try to do this in situations where it would mean that someone is traveling without a seatbelt, which is crazy illegal in our state.


I abhor carpooling with my parents, mostly because that means you're now stuck waiting until they want to leave. Also, I'm forced to make polite conversation the whole way there and back instead of just chilling out and talking to my husband or reading a book. The kids, who would normally just be quiet and read or play on their phones / 3DS's, will now get wound up by grandparents who keep poking them.

Oh, and I usually have to give up my comfortable front seat because my stepfather is tall. This irks me incredibly because DAMMIT, THAT'S MY SEAT.


You'd think my mother would get the idea, after me putting down my foot for three years, that I'm not going to carpool with her anymore, but NOPE. Every time we go somewhere as one big happy, she has to ask, then pout when I tell her no.


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