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Family update

Hey guys, just a quick update on my family situations: Baby and mom are fine! We were delivered of a healthy baby girl on Monday morning. She's smaller and louder than either of her brothers were, and I'm really excited about what it will be like to watch her grow and oh yeah, I was up like every 30 minutes last night, so I'm out of it.

Thank you for all the congratulations on my last post; I would have posted an update sooner but the wifi that was supposed to be in our hospital room did not function, so not only am I sleep deprived, I'm also way behind on my grading, so no NFL picks this week probably (just assume I pick the underdog with the following exceptions: I almost always pick against Philly and New England, and I'm not even bothering to pick Broncos games anymore since the will go 16-0 and get thrashed by some nobody in the first round of the playoffs).

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