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Fan Poll Leads to a New Female Transformer

Hey, this is cool! Hasbro Toys will be introducing a new Transformer robot Windblade, who is female. Windblade is the result of a poll where fans got to pick the majority of her characteristics (except the kabuki-esque appearance, that was done by the design team according to the Transformers Wiki).

She will transform into a VTOL jet. (Thanks General_Tekno for finding the image!)


For those who don't know, this is cool since there have been very few female robots, the most popular being Arcee. Even cooler is that it was a fan choice, which is great because I have several female friends who are part of the Transformers fan community and I'm sure they'd like to see more kickass lady robots.

Windblade will get a toy as well as her own comics miniseries as part of her launch. Her comic will be written by Mairghread Scott, who has written several Transformers comics, and drawn by Sarah Stone, who is a new comer to the franchise. This is also the first time that a Transfomers book will have an all-female creative team!

Of course, there are those that are grumbling because "Transformers have always been supposed to be genderless", despite the fact that they are always played by male voice actors and assigned male pronouns, but, as David Willis of Shortpacked! pointed out, those people are idiots.


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