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Fancy Co-op Veggies

*broke people rant ahead.

Driving some drunk friends home and we were shooting the shit about groceries and blah blah and the couple brought up how our new place is near this fancy pants co-op. I very Matter-of-factly state, “ah, yeah, that’s a bit out of our price range.” And then they go on and on about Whole Foods and Sprouts and co-ops. They’re vegetarians, I get it, they’re gonna spend their (more sizable) income on *better* veggies. Boyfriend and I are gonna spend our smaller income on Smiths. It’s fine.

And then they’re talking about Costco and bf is like “we should just get a Costco memebership!” And I was all Debbie Downer. “Babe, not sure we can afford a Costco membership.” And I just constantly feel like the broke, poor couple.


Maybe Costco isn’t that bad? I don’t know. Whatever, we’ve moved to a cheaper place to save money.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to afford co-op veggies.

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