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Fancy living as homeless people do in Seattle?

Of course you do. And at $2000, it's a bargain you can't miss out on!

Your Course in Applied Homelessness begins by transforming your look and persona into that of an anonymous homeless person. You will get a nickname and a simple life script. You will be completely anonymous.


I guess calling it something that sounds like a college class makes it worth the cost alone. But you also get a new secret identity which will "make you unrecognizable in your circle" but you'll also be totally safe because you'll be tracked by GPS via what I assume are the good people at the Applied Homelessness Control Center. Also, no women.

Out of the shelter by 7am, we'll get some coffee and head up broadway to check out some parks frequented by the homeless. You might have enough chutzpah to try your hand at panhandling or sleeping on a park bench on this leg. You'll get a real perspective on how the public perceives the homeless.

You'll stay in a hotel on the second night (just like the homeless do!) and then on day three:

After a pleasant afternoon at the Seattle Center we'll test the dress codes at some of the finer restaurants on Queen Anne and then top it off with a cocktail and conversation at a long time watering hole, a historic working class dive bar the Mecca Cafe.


Actually, I can't fault the guy here. The Mecca Cafe is pretty much the cat's pajamas and has some of the best chicken fried steak and breakfast food in the city. Shut up, dude, I'm trying to eat. Your conversation does not interest me.

So who is this wily entrepreneur who wishes to give the gift of learning how the homeless (kinda sorta) live for such a bargain?

Howdy, my name is Mike. I am a 44 year resident of Seattle. As Seattle grew and became more expensive I wondered how homeless people survived as costs rose. I also began practicing a form of minimalism.

I took 2 months in the summer of 2013 to find out for myself. I intermittently lived on the streets and learned about all the great resources provided by our city. I also met many interesting people and experienced a minimalist life style like none I'd ever experienced before. You Can Live on $600 a month in Seattle!


This guy sounds like one of those banner ads and is only missing "try this one weird trick", which I assume is to sleep under the Fremont Bridge. Isn't $600 a fair chunk of change? Is that what homeless people are pulling in up in the PNW? I guess panhandling nets you more up there because of the higher cost of living.

If you're feeling up to the challenge, feel free to request an interview with Mike to make sure that he decides you will get along with him, and also that you aren't a woman, I guess so he doesn't feel bad about fleecing you of four figures for something you could do yourself by accidentally locking your keys and your wallet in your apartment.


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