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I've been feeling down this past month, so I used it as an excuse to do some long-overdue bra shopping.

Along with replacing my bras that are on their last legs (you never realize how badly you need a new bra until you're wearing one), I decided to splurge on some fancy pants underwear and blame it on my bipolar. Cosmo brand was on sale, and they had this foine-ass (and by foine-ass I mean it makes my ass look foine) blue slip-thing for 25 bucks:


I wish I had this during Pride, I woulda rocked the shit out of it.

It's probably not going to see any action for a while, but I figured it'd be nice just to have something sexy and pinup-ey for myself. I've already got some black stockings that'll look perfect with it!

ETA: Here's the link where you can order your own. Funnily enough, it looked better on me when I was in the smaller size because despite its cheapness it still has a minor compression effect.

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